Top Picks: The 9 Best Neighborhoods in St. Louis

Deciding on the right place to call home in St. Louis? Our guide cuts through the noise to deliver the facts on the best neighborhoods in St. Louis. Whether you’re looking for a vibrant culture, walkable parks, or a wise investment.

Get ready to explore the top neighborhoods that blend quality living with the unique charm of this historic city.

1. Central West End

Welcome to one of the most picturesque neighborhoods in St. Louis. Located on the edge of Forest Park, the Central West End is one of the largest neighborhoods in St. Louis by population.

Central West End Neighborhood in St. Louis, MO
Central West End at sunset

The Central West End is the neighborhood that started getting fancy in the late 1870s, attracting the creme de la creme of society.

It has a very rich history. Today, it’s all about cozy coffee shops, trendy boutiques, fancy art galleries, and upscale living.

And the housing? It’s got a little bit of everything – historic city mansions, elegant condos, cute townhomes, and even trendy lofts for the hipsters.

Central west end homes in St. Louis, MO
Home recently sold in Central West End

A lot of the development of the Central West End took off in preparation for the 1904 World’s Fair. Gorgeous city mansions were built facing Forest Park to showcase some stunning architecture to visitors.

Plus, this neighborhood is a melting pot, with a diverse population that includes everyone from white-collar professionals to blue-collar workers and everything in between.

One of the best events hosted every year in CWE is their yearly Halloween street party. It starts in the day with family-friendly activities and goes all night with great drinks, music, and conversation.

The Central West End is the St. Louis neighborhood that has it all!

2. Soulard

Soulard, named after Antoine Soulard, a refugee from the French Revolution, is the oldest neighborhood in St. Louis and is steeped in history.

It boasts the oldest farmers’ market west of the Mississippi and is known for its lively atmosphere and historic homes.

Soulard St. Louis, MO
Brick homes in Soulard

And when it comes to entertainment, Soulard does not disappoint.

Here are the four best events Soulard puts on every year:

  • Mardi Gras
  • Bastille Day Flea Market
  • Oktoberfest
  • Holiday Parlor Tour

There’s never a dull moment in Soulard, and these attractions and events are just a taste of what the neighborhood has to offer.

You’ll notice plenty of people riding around on golf carts here. That’s just one of the many cool things that make Soulard a unique neighborhood! It’s beautiful and friendly, and you can ride a golf cart to dinner.

The homes in Soulard range from historic flounder houses to newly updated townhomes. Almost everything in Soulard is brick, which is true of many neighborhoods in St. Louis.

3. Lafayette Square

Lafayette Square is like a cool mixtape of historic architecture, swanky restaurants, quirky shops, and a gorgeous park in the middle of it all.

Homes in Lafayette Square St. Louis, MO

It’s like the neighborhood that’s got all the old-school charm but still stays hip with the times in St. Louis. This neighborhood is like a time machine to Victorian St. Louis’ flashy years with its fancy Victorian Painted Ladies.

Plus, it’s got a community vibe that’s hard to beat. And the housing? With a median home price of $405,000, it’s prime real estate.

The painted ladies of Lafayette Square are some of the most beautiful homes in St. Louis, and they’re very unique to Lafayette Square. The painted ladies are brick townhomes and single-family homes painted in different colors like pastel pink, sage green, and baby blue.

While some of these homes have kept their original details that go back to the 1800’s some have been extensively renovated and modernized inside.

If you’re looking for a St. Louis neighborhood that feels like living in Victorian times, you’ll love Lafayette Square.

4. The Hill

The Hill is all about the Italian-American flair. Its beloved restaurants, bakeries, and bocce gardens add some serious flavor to the neighborhood. The Hill is known for its Italian markets and restaurants, adding to its charm. You’ll probably never go hungry if you live on The Hill.

The Hill, St. Louis, MO neighborhood

It’s got some pretty cool places to eat, like:

  • Adriana’s
  • Gioia’s Deli
  • Charlie Gitto’s On the Hill
  • Anthonino’s Taverna
  • Lorenzo’s Trattoria

These are just some of the phenomenal Italian restaurants you’ll get to explore in this part of town.

And when it comes to housing, it’s got a median home value of $337,812, making it a sweet deal for anyone looking to buy an affordable home in a lively part of STL.

House recently sold on the Hill in St. Louis, Missouri

On the Hill, you’ll see everything from new construction townhomes to small brick bungalows and cozy 2-story homes.

5. Tower Grove South

Tower Grove South is a diverse, family-friendly neighborhood that has a lot to offer. As the name suggests, TGS is located south of Tower Grove Park.

Here are some of the great things Tower Grove South has to offer:

  • Walkable streets
  • A variety of dining options
  • Playgrounds
  • Ponds
  • Educational activities in the park
  • Locally-owned boutiques and cafés
Festival of nations located in Tower Grove Park St. Louis, Missouri
Festival of nations in Tower Grove Park

Tower Grove Park has events happening year-round. One of our favorites is the Festival of Nations taking place at the end of August. It’s a great festival to try foods from around the world, buy handmade goods, and connect with fellow St. Louisans who come from many different countries.

Homes in Tower Grove South are mostly brick 2-story homes. You’ll see duplexes and fourplexes in addition to the single-family homes of Tower Grove South. Some of the single-family homes have been converted from duplexes, so it’s not uncommon to see a house with 2 front doors and one has been sealed shut.

6. Shaw

St. Louis has a Tower Grove South and a Tower Grove East, but there’s no Tower Grove North! Instead we have Shaw.

Shaw is a neighborhood with a rich history that dates back to the late 19th century. It’s known for its elegant houses, intact urban streets, and some of the oldest structures in the city.

Shaw neighborhood in St. Louis, MO

If you live in Shaw, you’re not next to just one but two of the best parks in St. Louis: Tower Grove Park and the Missouri Botanical Garden.

7. Benton Park

Benton Park is a charming neighborhood with historic homes and a lively arts scene. It’s got some serious charm thanks to its history. It all started as City Park back in 1866, and it was heavily populated by German immigrants who worked in breweries.

Benton Park Neighborhood brick homes

The main strip in Benton Park is Cherokee Street. It’s a diverse and eclectic collection of:

  • Local businesses
  • Public spaces
  • Art galleries
  • Creative studios
  • Antique shops

Cherokee Street has the largest concentration of Hispanic-owned bakeries, restaurants and grocery stores in St. Louis. If you’re looking for some cuisine from all around the world, you’ll definitely want to stroll over to Cherokee Street for a night out.

8. Dogtown

Dogtown is a unique neighborhood with a strong Irish heritage and a love for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. With a variety of housing options and a strong sense of community, it’s a neighborhood that has something for everyone.

Dogtown neighborhood in St. Louis, MO

Dogtown isn’t technically one singular neighborhood; it’s an area that includes parts multiple neighborhoods:

  • Clayton-Tamm
  • Hi-Pointe
  • Franz Park
  • Ellendale
  • Cheltenham

9. The Grove (aka Forest Park Southeast)

The Grove, technically called Forest Park Southeast, is a trendy neighborhood with a vibrant nightlife and a growing LGBTQ+ community. This place is a mix of classy and cool, with newly-built apartment buildings, cute local cafés, and a very LGBT-friendly community.

The grove, forest park southeast, St. Louis, MO

If you move to The Grove, you’ll get to enjoy:

  • Posh restaurants
  • Hipster cafes
  • Locally-owned boutiques
  • Lively music scene

The Grove is centrally-located right in the middle of St. Louis City, so you’ll find it’s “halfway to everywhere” in St. Louis.

New homes in The Grove in St. Louis, Missouri

Homes in The Grove range from historic brick city homes to brand-new modern homes. Much of the newly build neighborhoods are south of Manchester Ave.

Reasons to Love These Neighborhoods

These neighborhoods are just 9 of the many neighborhoods in St. Louis. There are so many to choose from, but here are some of the big reasons we ranked these choices at the top of the list if you’re moving to the St. Louis area.

Job Opportunities and Commute Times

The availability of job opportunities and commute times are vital considerations when selecting a neighborhood. St. Louis offers a variety of job opportunities in diverse sectors, including:

  • Healthcare
  • Aviation
  • Biotech
  • Food & beverage
  • Education

And with an average commute time of around 24 minutes, you can spend less time on the road and more time enjoying your new neighborhood.

Walkability and Public Transportation

In the process of choosing a neighborhood, considering its walkability and public transportation access is vital.

If you’re commuting Downtown for work, the good news is all of these neighborhoods will be very close to work for you.

Downtown Buildings in St. Louis, MO

In St. Louis, neighborhoods like:

  • Central West End
  • Downtown
  • Lafayette Square
  • Shaw
  • Soulard

are top-notch when it comes to walkability.

Plus, the city offers a variety of public transportation options, including MetroLink, MetroBus, and Metro Call-A-Ride, making it easy to get around.

Don’t forget there’s also Uber and Lyft if you’re going somewhere on a tight schedule.

Up-and-Coming Neighborhoods to Watch

The city of St. Louis is always evolving, and there are a few neighborhoods that are on the rise. Investing in these rising neighborhoods could be a strategic decision, given their growth potential and the chance to be a part of an emerging hot spot.

Cherokee Street District in St. Louis, MO

Some of these neighborhoods include:

  • The Grove
  • Cherokee Street District
  • Tower Grove South
  • The Hill
  • Grand Center Arts District

Consider exploring these neighborhoods if you’re looking for a good investment in a growing area.

Frequently Asked Questions – St. Louis Neighborhood Edition

What is the nicest neighborhood of St. Louis?

The nicest area in St. Louis is definitely the Central West End. According to the data, it’s got a great mix of entertainment, dining, and historic charm that really sets it apart from the rest of the city. Plus, Forest Park is just a stone’s throw away for some green space and relaxation. So, if you’re looking for a lively and beautiful neighborhood, Central West End is the place to be!

What is the richest neighborhood in St. Louis?

If you want to hobnob with the wealthiest in St. Louis, head over to the posh neighborhood of Wydown-Skinker. The median home listing price is a cool $360,000, but some properties can make your jaw drop with a price tag nearing $1 million!

What factors should I consider when choosing a neighborhood in St. Louis?

When choosing a neighborhood in St. Louis, consider affordability, lifestyle, accessibility, school quality, community amenities, and job opportunities for a well-rounded decision. Happy neighborhood hunting!

Why is neighborhood data important in choosing a neighborhood?

Neighborhood data is important because it provides valuable insights into the demographics, lifestyle, safety, and housing prices of an area, allowing you to make a smart choice when picking a neighborhood. So, make sure to do your research before making any decisions!